What is Facet Starlight?

Facet Starlight is a game studio of two, Sara O’Brien and Joshua Hames. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to exploring all aspects of game creation and design, and we both pursue our own projects as well, covering a broad spectrum of Art and Computer Science. serves as a platform to share our current projects with friends and family, as well as an aggregate for content we are proud of to use as a portfolio

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I am Sara O’Brien

I’ve been interested in various forms of art since a young age, with special interests in World Building and Character Design. More recently I’ve begun studying 3D modeling and CAD, and have designed many functional products via our 3D printer.
My passion for character design can best be seen in my custom dolls, I design, paint, and create custom clothing for them myself. I sometimes sell these dolls, but more often than not, they are personal items and gifts. You can probably hop over to post history and see some now!

I also have an education in costume design and custom tailoring, and while my passions have shifted, I still consider these skills an asset.

I like cats a lot too.

I am Joshua Hames

Hello, my name is Joshua Hames, and I’ve had a special interest in computers since the age of 8. Over the years my interests have shifted towards software engineering and more specifically graphics programming.

I enjoy building functional software from the ground up, and while my skill level is not where I’d like it to be, I am passionate to learn. I have taught myself a great deal of OpenGL and even “completed” a project called Surveyor-OGL, an OpenGL application that uses noise or hightmaps to generate 3D models of terrain which could then be exported to a 3D printer or other editing software. The project was abandoned when a team released a finely polished software project with the same functionality, though the project can still be found on GitHub.

I aspire to return to college to study software engineering in depth as soon as possible.
I too have a desire to use my skills to create memorable characters and stories in the form of video games, and I hope to use to promote my skills.

I also like cats.

Perlin, Official Mascot of Facet Starlight.