New Year Update

Hello everyone.

As this is the first post of the year, I wanted to cover a few things that we will be focusing on for the next 12 months or so. 

First off is that I am in school again but I’m in school to learn how to professionally model and animate. While I wont show any Play blasts of my progress just yet, I am working on something even more exciting. 

We are going to be making a game. A full game and not just game jams this time. Its something I wanted to do for a while now. I struggled on what I wanted to make for the past few months. I want to work on an open world RPG in the future, however I’m just starting out and that is pretty far out of my range and skill to do. I wanted to start with something simpler, but still interesting. After tossing and turning one night, I figured it out. A 3D otome game. Not just an RPG maker style either. An actual (almost) first person otome game, where you go around an environment and interact with one of the Love Interests, and just overall have fun while living in this world. 

Within the next few months I’ll be working on populating the environment as well as fleshing out the story even more than it is right now. Today and tomorrow, however will be focused on correlating data and understanding what it is that the otome community is interested in seeing. The next post should come out by Sunday, the results of the survey.

Until then I hope you all have a great day <3

Brackeys Game Jam

This is Sara from Facet Starlight coming at you live from Brackleys Game Jam. The theme for the game is “Light”.

Heres whats been happening during the first few days.

Friday we worked so we couldn’t participate the first night so we spent the shift working on ideas. We only really came up with two ideas before this one just took off.

Saturday I worked on getting the basis of the movements down(except for sprinting) and started getting some character models down. I finally figured out how to texture paint in Blender! I got the character somewhat implemented in the game test scene before I went to bed. Josh worked a shift so when he got home, his focus was the background systems and some of the main menu page.

Sunday. Josh had another shift while I worked on the characters animations and fully implementing the character into the test scene.

Monday. We wont be able to get too much done as we both work but we will focus hard for the last few days to get all the main aspects of the game down.