Brackeys Game Jam

This is Sara from Facet Starlight coming at you live from Brackleys Game Jam. The theme for the game is “Light”.

Heres whats been happening during the first few days.

Friday we worked so we couldn’t participate the first night so we spent the shift working on ideas. We only really came up with two ideas before this one just took off.

Saturday I worked on getting the basis of the movements down(except for sprinting) and started getting some character models down. I finally figured out how to texture paint in Blender! I got the character somewhat implemented in the game test scene before I went to bed. Josh worked a shift so when he got home, his focus was the background systems and some of the main menu page.

Sunday. Josh had another shift while I worked on the characters animations and fully implementing the character into the test scene.

Monday. We wont be able to get too much done as we both work but we will focus hard for the last few days to get all the main aspects of the game down.

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