Prepping for the Ludum Dare

The Ludum Dare is a 3 day event in which teams and individuals are challenged to create a functional game based on a theme within 72 hours. This will be the first time Sara and I have participated in the dare, however I have been a part of other gamejams in the past.

Jammers come up with all sorts of ways to stay awake, but we’re going for a classic: Coffee, an entire gallon of rooibos cold-brew coffee to be exact!

The Jam hasn’t started yet, and though we have some Ideas for the type of game we may want to make, it’s probably smart not to over-share before a Theme is selected!

So I’ll be sharing the recipe for my Rooibos Cold-Brew Coffee instead, in case anyone else wants to try it out.

You will need:

  • 12-14 Tablespoons of your favorite coffee blend (suggest unflavored)
  • Roobios Tea of some sort, I used vanilla rooibos
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • A gallon container of some sort (A washed milk-jug works fine)
  • BONUS: A gallon of alkalized water


Alkalized water is not required, but if you have the ability to get some it creates a even smoother end product.

Dump your 12-14 tablespoons of coffee grounds into your carboy or jug, you can use more or less to your taste. Then tear open your rooibos tea sachet and add at least 3/4ths of it to the carboy as well. Finally add your half teaspoon of cinnamon and that’s it for the dry ingredients.

After that fill the container up with water, leaving about 2″ of head space. Cap your container and give it a good shake, making sure everything is well mixed. Finally pop the entire thing in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Every once in a while give it another shake, if this where a smaller batch this step would be optional but we’re brewing a lot!

If you don’t shake it at least a couple times during the 24 hours you may be disappointed with the strength. If you have no way of filtering your coffee, i.e. a french press or regular coffee machine, let the jug rest for the last 5 or so hours so the grounds settle, then you can just pour off the top.

Other than that, you simply need to pour the coffee through a filter or into a french press to enjoy, if you dislike black coffee, add some milk and sugar and you’re good! However if you’ve never tried cold-brew black you may be surprised, the bitterness is typically absent.

I hope you enjoy the Jam everyone, we will be streaming on Twitch or Youtube for the whole event, links will be posted soon.


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