New Year Update

Hello everyone.

As this is the first post of the year, I wanted to cover a few things that we will be focusing on for the next 12 months or so. 

First off is that I am in school again but I’m in school to learn how to professionally model and animate. While I wont show any Play blasts of my progress just yet, I am working on something even more exciting. 

We are going to be making a game. A full game and not just game jams this time. Its something I wanted to do for a while now. I struggled on what I wanted to make for the past few months. I want to work on an open world RPG in the future, however I’m just starting out and that is pretty far out of my range and skill to do. I wanted to start with something simpler, but still interesting. After tossing and turning one night, I figured it out. A 3D otome game. Not just an RPG maker style either. An actual (almost) first person otome game, where you go around an environment and interact with one of the Love Interests, and just overall have fun while living in this world. 

Within the next few months I’ll be working on populating the environment as well as fleshing out the story even more than it is right now. Today and tomorrow, however will be focused on correlating data and understanding what it is that the otome community is interested in seeing. The next post should come out by Sunday, the results of the survey.

Until then I hope you all have a great day <3

Brackeys Game Jam

This is Sara from Facet Starlight coming at you live from Brackleys Game Jam. The theme for the game is “Light”.

Heres whats been happening during the first few days.

Friday we worked so we couldn’t participate the first night so we spent the shift working on ideas. We only really came up with two ideas before this one just took off.

Saturday I worked on getting the basis of the movements down(except for sprinting) and started getting some character models down. I finally figured out how to texture paint in Blender! I got the character somewhat implemented in the game test scene before I went to bed. Josh worked a shift so when he got home, his focus was the background systems and some of the main menu page.

Sunday. Josh had another shift while I worked on the characters animations and fully implementing the character into the test scene.

Monday. We wont be able to get too much done as we both work but we will focus hard for the last few days to get all the main aspects of the game down.

Ludum Dare 42 is Over

This post is a little late, but the ludum dare 42 has ended. Sara and I worked very hard over a three day period to create a working game. The game we ended up making is called “Aggressive Acquisition” and can be downloaded and played for free.

It’s not to clear how to play the game when you open it, so I’ll explain it here. Firstly is the resource cycle:

On the ground next to the player (the cat in the ball) You can see that there is a “miner” and a couple “frames”. This miner is a copper node and will produce a set amount of copper every cycle. There is copper, Iron, Sillicon, and Oil. A cycle is easily determined by watching the green gear in the top right fill up. You can upgrade existing miners or buy new ones by clicking and holding on the frames and miners. Assuming you have the required resources to upgrade of course. Which brings us to this device:

This is a fabricator, at first you must hover your mouse over it to cause it to operate. However the game starts you with one automation-mod, you may click on the fabricator to open it’s GUI and add the automation-mod to remove the need to hover over it. You may also add speed mods to increase the number of items being produced at once, this does however cost more resources. This is what the GUI looks like (Click the word “Circuits” to change what item is being produced. and yes I know it’s spelled wrong in the game, but by the time I noticed it was too late to go though and change everything)

You can create more Fabricators for the cost of frames and copper, then you can add automation mods to those as well. This is the basic gameplay loop: Gather resources, craft upgrades, upgrade resource collection, upgrade/build more fabricators to craft upgrades faster, increase storage space, repeat.

Ah yes, the theme of this years ludum dare was “running out of space”. So as you collect more resources and craft more items, the green bar on the side of the screen will be filling up. This bar is your M.A.S. (Matter Acquisition System). Basically, all of the items you are collecting are being stored as Data, and when your databanks fill up, you may find that you’re stuck and have to restart. It is possible to come back from this, but very difficult.

Thankfully you can upgrade your Data storage by creating “Storage Cards”, by default you start with 8, offering 512ma capacity a piece for a total starting capacity of 4096ma. Your system must have available “slots” in order to utilize the cards, which introduces the final part of this game, Databanks:

Data banks can be built exactly like miners and fabricators, but all they do is simply offer 8 additional card slots a tower. You must build these before crafting more Storage Cards.

If by now you’re wondering what the goal of Aggressive Acquisition is, well it’s simply to collect as many resources in your MAS as possible without expanding too fast. The challenge is difficult and after every failed attempt you’re left feeling like you could do it better next time. It can be slow to start which is an unfortunate design limitation we didn’t have time to overcome.

It’s not the most elegant of games, and it’s missing many of the features we wanted it to have, but it is ours nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Prepping for the Ludum Dare

The Ludum Dare is a 3 day event in which teams and individuals are challenged to create a functional game based on a theme within 72 hours. This will be the first time Sara and I have participated in the dare, however I have been a part of other gamejams in the past.

Jammers come up with all sorts of ways to stay awake, but we’re going for a classic: Coffee, an entire gallon of rooibos cold-brew coffee to be exact!

The Jam hasn’t started yet, and though we have some Ideas for the type of game we may want to make, it’s probably smart not to over-share before a Theme is selected!

So I’ll be sharing the recipe for my Rooibos Cold-Brew Coffee instead, in case anyone else wants to try it out.

You will need:

  • 12-14 Tablespoons of your favorite coffee blend (suggest unflavored)
  • Roobios Tea of some sort, I used vanilla rooibos
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
  • A gallon container of some sort (A washed milk-jug works fine)
  • BONUS: A gallon of alkalized water


Alkalized water is not required, but if you have the ability to get some it creates a even smoother end product.

Dump your 12-14 tablespoons of coffee grounds into your carboy or jug, you can use more or less to your taste. Then tear open your rooibos tea sachet and add at least 3/4ths of it to the carboy as well. Finally add your half teaspoon of cinnamon and that’s it for the dry ingredients.

After that fill the container up with water, leaving about 2″ of head space. Cap your container and give it a good shake, making sure everything is well mixed. Finally pop the entire thing in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Every once in a while give it another shake, if this where a smaller batch this step would be optional but we’re brewing a lot!

If you don’t shake it at least a couple times during the 24 hours you may be disappointed with the strength. If you have no way of filtering your coffee, i.e. a french press or regular coffee machine, let the jug rest for the last 5 or so hours so the grounds settle, then you can just pour off the top.

Other than that, you simply need to pour the coffee through a filter or into a french press to enjoy, if you dislike black coffee, add some milk and sugar and you’re good! However if you’ve never tried cold-brew black you may be surprised, the bitterness is typically absent.

I hope you enjoy the Jam everyone, we will be streaming on Twitch or Youtube for the whole event, links will be posted soon.